I have been tweeting as @mentalcapital for a couple of years, and find that ocasionally I want to say more than I can say in 140 characters. It goes without saying that like my tweets, anything I say here is my personal opinion, and these opinions do not represent any organisation with which I have an affiliation.

I live and work in Edinburgh. I’m currently working for Mental Health Foundation. Most of our work involves connecting research, policy and practice. I’m the Policy and Development Manager in Scotland. A lot of my work involves helping different audiences recognise the mental health aspect of their work, addressing stigma and promoting recovery. I am proud to use my personal experience of mental ill health to inform my work.

In mental health my key areas of interest are technology and mental health, stigma and discrimination, empowerment of lived experience, training, and co-design/innovation.

I am founder member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland, an organisation created by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to foster interdisciplinary activities between young professionals in different fields.

I am a part time professional photographer, and i’ve kept a photo a day journal on Blipfoto for over four years. I am very interested in the potential for photography to promote mental health.

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